Current students

Lois Thomas


Lois is currently working as an Anatomy Demonstrator at the University of Manchester. She graduated in Medicine from Hull York Medical School in 2019 and in Clinical Anatomy from the University of Leeds in 2016. She started the MAET Foundation Drawing Course in 2022.
Lois is hoping to continue in medical education and use the skills she is learning with MAET to create resources for her students.

Julia Dartnell

Julia completed a BA in Illustration at the Arts University of Plymouth where she specialised in botanical and wildlife illustration. Since then her work has been featured on Sky Arts ‚ÄėLandscape Artist of the Year‚Äô, exhibited with the Oxford Art Society and had illustrations published in a Ugandan Safari guide.


Aimee Rowe

Aimee is a trainee in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and based in the East Midlands. She graduated a BSc at King’s College London in 2008 where discovered a love for combining art and science, spending many spare hours in the Gordon Museum. She then qualified in Medicine and subsequently returned to KCL to study Dentistry, and realise a decade-long intention to study the Medical Art Postgraduate Diploma with the MAET.
For Aimee illustration is important for her work-life balance and the variety of skills she is learning are proving useful in her surgical training. She hopes to incorporate Medical Illustration in her future career.

Guthrie Steer


Luis Alberto Domitrovic Zalocar

Luis Alberto Domitrovic Zalocar is a radiologist with a passion for medicine, communication, and art. Having completed training in neurosurgery, Luis is currently undertaking a fellowship in interventional neuroradiology in Queensland, Australia. He has been a student of Medical Artists’ Education Trust (MAET) since 2019, where he refining his skills in medical illustration and graphic design.

Luis firmly believes that medicine requires imaging, beautiful illustrations, and graphic design to effectively communicate an accurate and engaging message to both doctors and the general public. He recognises the significance of visual aids in assisting physicians and patients to better understand medical conditions and treatments.

Ruth Mason


Maria Socias Mas

Maria is a spanish illustrator based in London, with a background in Fine Arts and drawing. She graduated with a Bachelor in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona and a Masters in Drawing from London Metropolitan University. Maria is currently working as an art teacher, passing her knowledge of traditional drawing and painting techniques to children and adults.

Laura Watson

As an excellent observational illustrator, Laura is also skilled at work in 3D digital model making and animation.

Morium Howlader


Rebecca Hiscocks

Becki Hiscocks is a Bristol based illustrator with a background in Fine Art and Education. Following a continued fascination of the history of anatomy she applied to the MAET in order to consolidate her knowledge and further develop her drawing practice.

Becki has had a diverse career within the arts and is a qualified lecturer having worked for many years in post-16 education. As a studio assistant to Damien Hirst she specialised in entomology and currently, as a designer for Zardi & Zardi, she creates fabrics and panoramic wallpapers based on historic tapestries.

Becki is passionate about the use of traditional methods within her illustration and much of her practice focuses on drawing, etching and watercolour. She is particularly fascinated in pathology, viewing disease as the narrative of the body.

Katherine Lowe


Billy Leung

I am currently trainee surgeon and anatomy demonstrator based in London. I have a special interest in anatomy drawing, and educating students through the medium of drawing. My favourite mediums are pen or pencil (line drawing) and oil painting. The MAET had provided me a great opportunity to acquire a wider range of illustrative skills that I can adopt for future illustration work in publications or textbooks. The part-time and flexible nature of the course allows me to continue my clinical work. The staff on the course are approachable, friendly and highly skilled. It is a great privileged to be enrolled onto this course. The annual Medical Artists’ Association (MAA) meeting provides you a great opportunity to network, as well as, chances to showcase your own work. I hope to achieve my MMAA (membership of Medical Artists’ Association) and RMIP (registered medical illustration practitioner) on completion of MAET course in coming years.
Alumni Students

Ellen Lever

Ellen is a London-based illustrator with a BA in Fine Art (Bath Spa University) and a BSc and PhD in Nutrition (King’s College London). She is fascinated by the complexity of human physiology and the role of nutrition in health and disease. During the MAET Postgraduate Programme, she was keen to develop interesting ways to educate and inspire children and adults about nutrition, health and the human body.

Susanne Diekmann

In 2019 I started studying Medical Art at the MAET. With a strong background in Radiology, an insight into advanced post-processing, and some experience in Art it is my vision to use all available media ‚Äď from the combination of radiologic imaging with traditional art techniques to advanced techniques like the use of AR in medicine‚Äď to provide optimal medical visualization for scientific and educational purposes. To see examples please visit my website .
Recently I accepted a part-time position in a dedicated mammography department. Besides refocussing on what has been my main clinical topic for many years I am now also looking forward to using my illustration skills for the doctor-patient communication.

Emily Paul

Emily Paul is an award-winning medical artist based in Hove in the UK. She graduated from the University of Brighton with an honours degree in midwifery in 2015 and then practised as a midwife in hospitals, clinics and the community. Her background gives her a unique understanding of patient care and communication and a passionate interest in medicine and science. Some time into her midwifery career, she realised her artistic quality would not be suppressed. Still having an acute scientific curiosity, she discovered and loved the idea of medical illustration. She studied medical art with the Medical Artists’ Education Trust and graphic design at the University of the Arts London.

Since leaving MAET, Emily founded Human Touch Illustration and now works full-time as a freelance medical and scientific illustrator, specialising in digital 2D and 3D artwork and animation. She wants to inspire fascination and curiosity in learners and believes that visual communication is key to this goal.

Charlotte Donald Wilson

I am a biomedical scientist working at Royal Sussex County Hospital, with a post as a research technician at the University of Sussex and have recently completed my Postgraduate Programme in Medical Art with the MAET. I enjoy the academic and precision based work that both my role as a scientist and medical artist employ. I am hard working and passionate about my skills and always ready to learn and build on my knowledge base.

Courtney Stabb

Courtney Stabb graduated from the MAET in November 2021 with a certificate with distinction. Prior to attending the programme, she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Science Illustration from the University of Georgia, with honours. Following University, she worked as a graphics consultant for litigation and created technical manuals for children’s safety equipment.
Courtney currently resides in Stockholm, Sweden, working as a freelance artist building dynamic and distinct pieces for a range of clients. She specialises in bespoke digital illustrations and animations; working with experts in the medical field, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare marketing agencies, product engineers, and class-action litigation.  You can find more of her work at

Gabi Tomczyk

Gabi Ekins is an artist from Poland, based in London. After completing a BA(Hons) in Illustration at Central Saint Martins she unearthed a passion for medical art, and is about to complete her Diploma in Medical Art with the Medical Artist Education Trust in London.
Gabi uses drawing as her primary way of understanding the world and making meaningful emotional connections. She never felt totally at home artistically when confined to either illustration or fine art, and so constantly seeks to blur the lines between the two.
¬†She grew up on a small family farm in Poland where she was always close to nature and animals;¬†however it wasn‚Äôt until moving to London, aged eighteen, that¬†she developed an interest in¬†natural history and medical museums. Time spent drawing at the Hunterian Museum was a key¬†catalyst for then beginning her medical illustration studies ‚Äď Gabi is fascinated by human anatomy, exploring the ways in which the body is portrayed artistically¬†as well as in a¬†wider medical¬†and¬†social context. She is an artist with a passion for observational drawing, a fine eye for detail and someone¬†who always seeks¬†to establish close¬†relationships with the subjects¬†that fascinate her.¬†

Jennifer Smith

Jennifer N. R. Smith is an award-winning illustrator and the director of WonderTheory Studio, based in Bristol. She studied Drawing at Camberwell, UAL, and is also a qualified medical illustrator, using her creative and technical training in tandem.

In 2020, she completed the Postgraduate Programme in Medical Art with the Medical Artists’ Education Trust, receiving a distinction for her work, and became a fully certified member of the Medical Artists’ Association. WonderTheory was launched shortly after, to deliver an approach to informative illustration that resonated with her own experiences of learning and engagement.

She has since been shortlisted for the 2022 World Illustration Awards, the 2022 V&A Illustration awards, and the 2023 Communication Arts Awards.

Previous clients include Thames & Hudson, Headline, Virago, The British Library, Penguin Random House, BBC History, Lenny Letter, and Nursing Times.


Julia Ruston

I am blessed to be in a unique position where I can combine my medical knowledge and illustration skills to create informative and accurate images for wide-ranging audiences.

I graduated from Girton College, Cambridge, in 2008 with a 1st class degree in Pre-clinical Medicine and History and Philosophy of Science. I completed my medical training in University College London, with a Merit, in 2011. Since then, I have worked in a variety of London Deanery hospitals and I am currently in the middle of the London Plastic Surgery training scheme.

My lifelong passion for art has remained strong throughout my medical training and I enrolled on the Medical Artists‚Äô Education Trust Postgraduate Diploma Programme helping me to fulfil my goal of becoming a medical illustrator. I graduated in 2019, becoming a professional member of the Medical Artists’ Association.

So far this journey has taken me down many exciting avenues, from running Sculpture for Surgeons and drawing courses, writing a book chapter in an academic Michelangelo textbook, and illustrating websites, journals and textbooks. My commitment is to providing highly accurate illustrations and I can do this in a variety of media, from traditional to digital, to suit my clients’ needs.

Merlin Strangeway

Merlin is an award-winning freelance Medical Illustrator & Educator. She strives to visualise information in a way that makes it universally accessible, educational and engaging for both clinicians and the general public.

Over the last decade she has worked with some of the largest clients in the healthcare sector in the field of patient & public engagement, including Harley Street Childrens’ Hospital, The Wellcome Trust, The Francis Crick Institute, Great Ormond Street Hospital, Royal Free Hospital, UCL, Hunterian Museum of Surgery, The Royal College of Midwives and Kings College London. She teaches Illustration at The House of Illustration (founded by Quentin Blake).

Merlin believes pictures have the power to make thinking, working and communicating easier for everyone. She is passionate about using her skills to support and empower others, via collaborations with academics and medics across the UK, Europe and America.

Louise Hinman

My name is Louise Hinman, freelance artist and medical artist based in Brighton, London and Barcelona. I have over fifteen years of drawing, illustration and exhibition experience. I can produce work for medical and academic research projects, anatomical and/or conceptual commissions and am experienced at running workshops and producing visual scribes at public engagement events, meetings and conferences.
I am interested in combining the traditional aesthetics of medical art with modern techniques, technologies and innovation.
I believe drawing is a direct and effective tool by which an artist can communicate processes and understanding. I can master a wide variety of styles and can adapt to suit individual preference or a particular project. My skill set is broad and I have a particular interest and expertise in traditional line drawing, simplification complex procedures or anatomy for diverse audiences, data visualisation & information graphics, and the applications of 3D modelling.
For my dissertation, ‚ÄėThe Growth of Prosthetics‚Äô, I researched an overview of the design, demand for, functional expectations and the methods of creating prostheses.