Life Drawing

Life drawing examples

Life drawing

We require all students to attend life drawing classes alongside your MAET studies throughout your course.

  • These sessions are to be in addition to any surface anatomy and/or life drawing sessions arranged within the MAET postgraduate programme.
  • A variety of courses, classes and drop in sessions are available countrywide and we recommend that you enroll in a class close by and convenient to where you live; thereby you can arrange to attend as a regular commitment.
  • For your Final Examination, you will be required to include a minimum of two mounted pieces of life drawing undertaken during your time enrolled on this postgraduate programme, alongside your collated portfolio studies.
  • Each student is responsible for organising, financing and travelling to and from their chosen life drawing classes.

Additional supporting information to accompany your project guidelines

  • Alongside your MAET studies, each student is required to attend regular life drawing classes. 
  • Build sketchbooks and artworks collated to build a good portfolio combining short and quick studies for example.
  • Collate drawings in different styles and mediums, concentrating on form, structure, proportion and anatomical details and accuracy, for example develop and consider the following throughout your study progression:
  • Contour drawings
  • Quick flash drawings
  • Modeled drawings
  • Movement and action
  • Single figures
  • Group of figures
  • Composition of figure/s
  • Add weight and mass to the figures
  • Consider light and shade
  • Draw whole or parts of the figures
  • Proportion
  • Nude and clothed figures
  • Study of skeleton and anatomy
  • Studies beginning in pencil, to inks, to conte, to charcoal, to pen an wash, to watercolour, to oils
  • Consider comparative animal anatomy
  • A selection of your life drawing pieces will be chosen by your supervisor to be formally mounted and presented as part of your Final Examination display, alongside your sketchbook studies



The Complete Guide to Drawing from Life
By George Bridgman
ISBN 0001402766785


The Artist’s Complete Guide to Figure Drawing
By Anthony Ryder
ISBN-10 082300303

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