Medical art webinars and workshops

Medical art webinars and workshop

We will be continuing our programme of successful webinars and workshops during 2022. During May, June and July we will be hosting three online digital webinars and one hands on watercolour workshop. Dates and information can be found below.

Our aim is to train not only students of the MAET, but also those working within the medical profession, medical illustrators and artists who wish to update their skills or try something new. Bringing together professionals and students, developing your skills in anatomy and art.


  • All webinars are held remotely via Zoom or Google Meets
  • Hands-on-workshops are held at the Gordon Museum of Pathology at King’s Collage London.
  • Booking will only be confirmed once payment has been received.
  • These are non-refundable events, unless the MAET cancel the event.
Please note: For any events being held in London, please note that the Gordon Museum of Pathology is NOT open to the public, so participants must be working or engaged within the fields of art and science. Also due to the nature of the Gordon Museum, attendees must be over the age of eighteen. The MAET and the Gordon Museum reserve the right to ask for proof of age ID and occupation, prior to allowing admittance to the museum or online access to a webinar. 

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Upcoming webinars and workshops

Pathological specimen project tutorial 11th July 2022
9:30-10:30 am
Tutor: Catherine Bone Open only to MAET students Online Webinar. Link will be sent to the students Free to MAET students
Pathological specimen project tutorial In this one hour webinar we will cover the project requirements, examples of good pathological specimen illustrations and how to construct the artwork to effectively demonstrate the disease or abnormality. For the last 20 mins I’ll go step by step through an example artwork and there will be a short Q&A session at the end.
Photoshop webinar – Photorealistic digital painting of facial anatomy and portraiture.

18th July 2022
9:30 am – 4:30 am with 1 hour lunch break. 30 mins questions at the end (and tea breaks as required!)
Tutor: Catherine Bone Open to anyone Online Webinar. Link will be sent via email once you sign up and pay for the course MAET student – £20
MAA member – £60
Other professional – £80
Photoshop webinar – Photorealistic digital painting of facial anatomy and portraiture. In this full day webinar we will be exploring digital photorealistic painting in Photoshop. Our subject of the day will be portraits and underlying facial anatomy. Initially we will start with a mixture of only black and white colours, a technique known as grisaille which is an excellent training approach to help simplify the subject with contrasting shapes to make the form read correctly, all without colour. Once form has been established we will use layers to build up the colour and finish detail with a variety of brushes and alphas. After a lunch break we will build the underlying bony anatomy of our portrait, using an (external) 3D skull resource and reconstruct the major facial muscles on it using landmarks. The last 30 minutes of the class will be an opportunity for the attendees to show off their painting to the class and for a question and answer session. A brilliant opportunity for those just learning Photoshop to explore the principles of digital painting and how to marry external and internal anatomy, and also an experienced artist who wants to stretch their painting muscles on an exciting project.

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