Anatomy References

Whole body info

Visible human project CT data

download the DICOM or TAR files Рthen import them into Inversalius 

Once in Invasalius you can scrub through whole CT scans of Adam and Eve and export selected tissues for your work – bones, skin and general muscles (its CT so muscles aren’t well defined like MRI)

Educational surgery videos

Very good educational surgical videos can be found here:

The head


Skull 3D models

Downloadable CT scans of skulls from famous collections

Visit this site by Lynn Copes to download skull CT scans from the famous collections

Clinical anatomy of the head and neck

Brain 3D models

The spine

Spine 3D models

Spine references

The Thorax

Thorax 3D models

Torso references

The Abdomen

Videos of the abdominal cavity in surgery

Abdomen 3D models

Organs of the abdomen

The shoulder girdle

Shoulder 3D models

Shoulder surgery has a full list of shoulder surgeries for both patient information and for clinicians.

shoulderdoc also has a YouTube channel with shoulder exercises after surgery which can be useful for patient information leaflets, patient positioning, posters etc.

Scapula 3D models

The hand and wrist

Hand and wrist 3D models

Nerves of the hand and wrist

The Pelvis

Pelvis 3D models

Organs of the pelvis

Obs and Gynae surgery information

GLOWM, is the global library of women’s for women’s medicine

Videos here:

pdfs here:

The lower limb

3D models of the lower limbs

Lower limb nervous system

The Foot

Foot nervous system