The teaching staff of the MAET Postgraduate Programme are qualified, experienced professionals in the fields of medical art, animation, education, medicine and sciences.

Staff commitment is to support students in developing their inspiration, motivation, skills and professional expertise.

MAET Course Supervisors
Mrs Joanna Cameron
Miss Catherine Sulzmann
Miss Lydia Carline (Anatomy Supervisor)
Ms Lois Hague (Dissertation Supervisor)

MAET Education Committee
Mrs Joanna Cameron (Director of Education)
Mrs Mandy Miller (Trust Treasurer)
Ms Auriole Prince (Course Secretary)
Mrs Jenny Halstead
Mr Philip Ball (Academic Advisor)
Miss Catherine Sulzmann (Course Director)

MAET Examining Board
Dr M. D. O’Brien (Chairman)
Professor J. S. P. Lumley
Dr R. H. Whitaker
Mrs Joanna Cameron
Mrs Bryony Cohen
Mrs Jenny Halstead

Administration Staff
Mrs Joanna Cameron
Mrs Mandy Miller
Miss Catherine Sulzmann
Ms Auriole Prince

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