MAET ‘Charlotte Holt’ Webinars

Patient Information Leaflets

These four video tutorials will take you through how to design and create a leaflet in Adobe Indesign and and how to create 3D photorealistic visuals in Adobe Dimension for the assessments.

Part 1 covered topics you could pick for you leaflet, as well as design and where to look for inspiration. It also covers information on specs needed to get your document to a professional printers

Part 2 takes you through using Adobe Indesign to create your leaflet

Part 3a will show you how to export your leaflet for print and produce a 3D render of your leaflets in Adobe Dimension.

Part 3b will show you how to create your leaflet object in Blender to use in Adobe Dimension. If you don’t feel up to completing this step then the objects are attached below for you instead.

Leaflet objects

Below is a zip file containing four leaflet objects you can use in Adobe Dimension that are sized to a trifold roll folded A4 leaflet

Leaflet files

Creating scapula illustrations in Photoshop

One video will show you how to create a monochrome version of a scapula in Photoshop and the other will show you how to create a full colour version.


3D models in Zbrush

These video tutorials are a complete series on how to create and publish a 3D model of a vertebra and ribs. This tutorial will show you how to create the model in Zbrush and then publish on Sketchfab.


Learning from visual media

A webinar on how we learn from visual media. A fascinating topic that has real impact on our work as medical artists.


Online portfolio with Indesign

Using Verge 3D to create online interactive experiences

Protein Data Bank


After Effects Tutorial

How to show a progression animation of a pathology in After Effects


Anatomical Dissection in Adobe Illustrator


Photo realistic drawing skills in Photoshop

Part of the pathological specimen homework


3D assets in Adobe Photoshop


Painting a Specimen in Photoshop

Painting full colour surgical illustration in Photoshop