Current Students

Jenny Smith

Becki Hiscocks

Becki Hiscocks is a Bristol based illustrator with a background in Fine Art and Education. Following a continued fascination of the history of anatomy she applied to the MAET in order to consolidate her knowledge and further develop her drawing practice.

Becki has had a diverse career within the arts and is a qualified lecturer having worked for many years in post-16 education. As a studio assistant to Damien Hirst she specialised in entomology and currently, as a designer for Zardi & Zardi, she creates fabrics and panoramic wallpapers based on historic tapestries.

Becki is passionate about the use of traditional methods within her illustration and much of her practice focuses on drawing, etching and watercolour. She is particularly fascinated in pathology, viewing disease as the narrative of the body.

Morium Howlander

Tim Cassford

Ellen Lever

Ellen is a London-based illustrator with a BA in Fine Art (Bath Spa University) and a BSc and PhD in Nutrition (King’s College London). She is fascinated by the complexity of human physiology and the role of nutrition in health and disease. During the MAET course she is keen to develop interesting ways to educate and inspire children and adults about nutrition, health and the human body.

Emily Paul

Laura Watson

Merlin Strangeway

Merlin is an award-winning freelance Medical Illustrator & Educator. She strives to visualise information in a way that makes it universally accessible, educational and engaging for both clinicians and the general public.

Over the last decade she has worked with some of the largest clients in the healthcare sector in the field of patient & public engagement, including Harley Street Childrens’ Hospital, The Wellcome Trust, The Francis Crick Institute, Great Ormond Street Hospital, Royal Free Hospital, UCL, Hunterian Museum of Surgery, The Royal College of Midwives and Kings College London. She teaches Illustration at The House of Illustration (founded by Quentin Blake).

Merlin believes pictures have the power to make thinking, working and communicating easier for everyone. She is passionate about using her skills to support and empower others, via collaborations with academics and medics across the UK, Europe and America.

Gabriela Ekins

Louise Hinman

My name is Louise Hinman a UK, Brighton based artist. I have over 15 years of drawing, illustration and exhibition experience. “I am interested in combining the traditional

aesthetics of medical art with modern techniques and innovation. ” I believe drawing is a direct and effective tool by which an artist can communicate processes and understanding. I vary my drawing style to suit individual preference or a particular project. I am currently enjoying the opportunity to explore and expand techniques in digital 3d modelling and animation. For my dissertation, I am conducting research into prosthesics; a series of case studies exploring design, manufacture and implementation.

Julia Ruston


Billy Leung

I am currently trainee surgeon and anatomy demonstrator based in London. I have a special interest in anatomy drawing, and educating students through the medium of drawing. My favourite medium is pen or pencil (line drawing) and oil painting. The MAET had provided me a great opportunity to acquire a wider range of illustrative skills that I can adopt for future illustration work in publications or textbooks. The part-time and flexible nature of the course allows me to continue my clinical work. The staff on the course is approachable and friendly, and highly skilled. It is a great privileged to be enrolled onto this course. The annual medical artist association (MAA) meeting provides you a great opportunity to network, as well as, chances to showcase your own work. I hope to achieve my MMAA (membership of medical artist association) and RMIP (registered medical illustration practitioner) on completion of this course in coming years.

Past Students

Francesca Corra

Francesca Corra graduated in Fine Art from The Art Academy, London in 2012 and is about to complete her training in Medical Art with the Medical Artists’ Education Trust.

This year, Francesca was awarded with The Leverhulme’s Artist in Residence Grant to collaborate with the Centre for Osteoarthritis Pathogenesis at the Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology, Oxford University.

Francesca has also won the Barber’s Company Award granted by The Worshipful Company of Barbers in 2013 and The Ronald Raven Award the following year for her research into the history and preservation techniques of museum specimens.

Francesca was also the recipient for The Whitaker Award of excellence from the Medical Artist’s Education Trust both in 2015 and 2016 awarded for her high standard of artwork.

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