As part of this postgraduate programme, students are expected to attend all seminars and workshops. Workshops may be on a variety of subjects related to the course. For example, these may include life drawing, life classes with surface anatomy, anatomy instruction, 3D facial anatomy modelling, 3D computer graphics and computer tuition. Workshops may be held in the UK or Europe, linking with other educational organisations, for example ARS and BIOMAB.

Up coming workshops…

November 21st – Foot reconstruction workshop with Catherine Sulzmann


Previous workshops

Hand and Forearm anatomy Reconstruction

19th June 2017- with Catherine Sulzmann

BIOMAB-ARSIC 11th Dissection Drawing Days 28-29 April 2017

Held in Antwerp, Belgium 

Merlin Strangeway (MAET student) produced this amazing scrib from the event:

Facial Reconstruction with Richard Neave (27th March and 3rd of April)

A very successful two days workshop with Richard Neave on reconstructing the face by building the musculature from the skull out. Eight student attended from all sorts of different backgrounds. Below is a gallery from the day.

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Anatomical sculpting workshop with Pascale Pollier (14th – 15th October 2016)

Don’t miss this exclusive chance to take part in the workshop anatomical sculpting at the Gordon Museum, London, the pathological collection at this museum is not usually open to the general public. so no photography allowed.
The workshop will cover sculpting the muscles of facial expression in wax onto a skull model .
No previous experience is necessary of either sculpting or anatomy, as full tuition and guidance will be given by Medical Artist Pascale Pollier. Pascale is a member of the MAA ( Medical Artists Association of GB) and is president of the AEIMS European Medical Artists Association ) she has over 20 years of experience as a professional medical artist.
The price per person per day is 60 GBP the workshop will start at 10:00 am and will finish at 17:00 pm
All materials will be provided. for further information and registration
 BIOMAB-ARSIC Dissection Drawing Day (16th September 2016)

Held in Antwerp, Belgium as part of the 10th Antwerp Medical Students’ Congress SURGERY: ON THE CUTTING EDGE, 14-18 Sep 2016.

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