Ronald Raven Award

It is a great privilege that members of the Medical Artists’ Association of Great Britain and registered students of the MAET are offered the opportunity of winning the Ronald Raven Award every 3rd year. It is now one year until the final judgement of the entries which will come from Professional and Student members of our Association. What an amazing opportunity! No doubt many of you have been planning and trying to select the best project to advance your career. This award would give you the opportunity to widen your current field of activity, or retrain for one of the newly established fields of medical art and sculpture.

Have you thought about the role of simulation as part of medical education? Would you like to work in this field? And what about learning newly released cutting edge computer based software which would equip you to expand your practice?

Medical education away from the patient is the focus; it is in its infancy and medical artists with the right skills are needed to serve and maintain the standards. Please don’t waste this incredible opportunity to enhance your skills and knowledge!

The next award deadline is spring 2020.

Applications for funding can be made

relating to:

  • Medical art projects
  • Travel to educational institutions overseas
  • Medical art related training courses

If you have a particular project in mind why not apply.


Whittaker Award

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Previous award winners

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