Course information

The Programme is based largely on self-directed study and has a structured syllabus. Students are required to attend Seminars, Workshops, the Annual Conference and Assessments and are encouraged to support their studies by attending exhibitions and galleries and being aware of current trends.The aim is to provide, by means of contemporary communication media as well as in the traditional forms of medical illustration, experience in the application of art to communication and education in medicine and the health sciences. While items of practical and traditionally prepared artwork submitted for examination will be mandatory – establishing fundamental skills inherent in medical art – additional items will be of the candidate’s choice and theme, thus providing for individual scope and a reflection of specialist skills and knowledge in a variety of subjects and digitally formatted if appropriate. In addition to the basic medical and clinical sciences, theoretical study will include ethical and legal issues associated with the practice of medical illustration.

Before embarking on the main syllabus, new students must complete the foundation part of the course described below.

MAET Foundation Course

The MAET Foundation Course is designed to take students back to basics, through fundamental observational drawing and mastering skills with the pencil as well as pen and pen and wash. Working on familiar objects, not medical or pathological, students will learn to be aware of the tonal range looking at contrasts, modelling form and creating depth as well as basic skills of understanding and communicating.

The course runs on monthly sessions of up to 6 months with homework which is discussed at the following tutorial. Life drawing classes are strongly recommended and students need to organise these at a local college.

These finished studies will be mounted and finally presented to the MAET Examining Board and on successful completion students are ready to embark on the medical art syllabus.   

Medical Art Syllabus

Practical work will consist of items aimed at demonstrating skills in draughtsmanship, accuracy of observation, use of appropriate media and knowledge of anatomy. Candidates will be required to demonstrate the ability to clarify structures while providing the maximum information about the subject, and carry out finished artwork to a high standard of accuracy and presentation.

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