Medical art workshops

We will be running a number of traditional art and digital workshops over 2019. The aim is to train not only students of the MAET, but also working medical illustrators and artists who want to update their skills or try something new. We hope these workshops will bring together professionals and students, developing their skills in anatomy and art

January 18th 2019: Exploring the traditional technique of Carbon Dust with Joanna Cameron

A one-day workshop will be held at the Gordon Museum, exploring the traditional working method of carbon dust. Pioneered by Max Brodel during the early 1900’s, Max Brodel is considered the father of medical illustration in this field. This traditional method encourages classical observational drawing skills and the technique creates grey-scale tonal artworks, which were and still are ideally suited to black and white printing.

The workshop will run from 10.30am to 5pm. A board, paper and carbon dust will be supplied. Please bring with you a selection of your own paintbrushes and pencils to this event.

February 15th 2019: Advanced hand anatomy wax workshop with Catherine Sulzmann

This one-day workshop will teach the students how to build each ligament, deep and superficial tendon and muscle of the human hand onto a life sized skeletal armature. This course will not only teach wax modeling techniques but the anatomy of the hand, origin and insertion points of ligaments and muscles and how to think 3 dimensionally.

March 15th 2019: WordPress Essentials: How to set up your WordPress freelance portfolio website


  • Bring along any text or images you want to add to your website

The morning session will focus on:

  • Understanding the basics of the WordPress dashboard
  • Install and edit a theme
  • Create a homepage
  • Create a page and a post and understand the differences
  • Add widgets and plugins such as OriginSite, Beaver builder, WPforms, Instagram and FooGallery
  • Linking pages and images
  • Editing images in Media
  • Adding events

The afternoon is reserved for constructing your own website with the skills you acquired in the morning session. By the end of the workshop you will have a fully functional WordPress website.

May 20th 2019: After Effects and cinematography with Catherine Sulzmann

June 17th 2019: Introduction to 2D animation with Catherine Sulzmann

July 22nd 2019: 3D animation in Blender with Catherine Sulzmann


All will be held at the Gordon Museum of Pathology, King’s College London, Guy’s Campus, St. Thomas’ Street, London SE1 9RT

The one day workshop is for working professionals, students and MAET students. Prices are below. For wax workshops all armatures for modelling on, modelling wax and tools will be provided.

Workshop starts at 10am and finishes at 5pm

PDF for more information here: (coming soon)

Booking will only be confirmed once payment is received. Open days are non-refundable unless the MAET cancel the event.