Two days of advanced Facial Anatomy Wax Modelling Workshops

Gordon Museum of Pathology, King’s College London

Guy’s Campus, St. Thomas’ Street, London SE1 9RT

Bringing together professionals and students, developing their fields of anatomy with medical art

The two day workshop is for working professionals, students and MAET students. Prices are below. All skulls for modelling on, modelling wax, tools and glass eyes will be provided.

Workshop starts at 10am and finishes at 5pm on both the 27th of March and 3rd of April

Day One: Eye socket, placing the eye, anatomy, anomalies and the nose
• An introduction by Richard Neave into facial reconstruction. The workshop will show how the muscles of the face are modelled onto the skull one by one from the skull outwards, by understanding their origins and insertions. This will build the facial musculature and reconstruct the face.
• The first day of this workshop will look at creating the eyes, the muscles around the eye, and how they create the eyelids. We will also explore how the edge of the muscles are determined by the shape of the orbit, bow and maxilla.
• We will be examining the basic nose shape and nose projection by analaysing the root nasal bones and nasal spine.

Day Two: The mouth, cheeks and ear reconstruction
• This second workshop day will look at some larger muscles like temporalis, masseter, buccinator and orbicularis oris to create the bulk of the jaw, mouth and side of the face.
• We will also model the ears with reference to the mastoid processes and the angle of jaw.
By the end of the workshop you will have a fully reconstructed face and have the option to buy your model for £175.

PDF poster of the course can be found here: 2.AnatomyWorkshop

PDF for more information can be found here: FacialReconstructionWorkshop

Facial Reconstruction Workshop